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1st-Jan-2020 09:46 pm - LOLOLOL [!sticky post]
If you're going to add me, please leave a comment on this sticky post saying so, otherwise I'll be left to wonder just who the heck is that weirdo knocking on my front door.

Rants and stuff pertaining to real life are friends-locked.

My writing goal for 2012 - 150k, pledge @ getyourwordsout.
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12th-Feb-2013 05:35 pm - trope_bingo Card [comm: trope_bingo]
fusion au: other au: band day at the beach locked in
bodyswap au: coffee shop au: were / vamp / supernatural secret child secret relationship
immortality / reincarnation au: fantasy FREE

handcuffed / bound together mind control
au: space fake relationship de-aged kidfic animal transformation
au: college / highschool mistletoe kiss au: cop / detective accidental baby acquisition au: all-human
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Exams will be over by next Tuesday, which is the last day. Biology's the last paper. And before that, on Monday, it's Chemistry. Oh my God, they're such idiots. Why can't they put like a day in between those two papers? I mean really. Because we have to be at school from 7AM to 3.30PM till the last paper ends.

Anyway, all this bullshit's gonna end on Tuesday afternoon. Can't wait for it.

Does anyone know who Karl Pilkington is? An Idiot Abroad? I've been watching his videos for the past week and they are fucking hilarious. He makes my stress evaporate. I love him, he's amazing. Some videos under the cut if anyone's interested.

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1st-Sep-2012 07:19 am - HC_bingo [comm: hc_bingo]
Round 3 of hc_bingo @ DW

My hc_bingo cardCollapse )
14th-Aug-2012 08:06 pm - Book reviews! [books!]
I now have a book review blog! Oh, for the life of me, I just can't keep still.
He may have lost to Lin Dan, but he'll always be my hero. He'll always be a hero in the eyes of Malaysians.

I watched the match from beginning till end, screaming Chong Wei's name, only to have my heart broken and a butt ache. Crept into my toilet and cried.

And I do not cry over sports. Seriously.Collapse )

As an end note (an uncharacteristically emotional one at that):

Dear Lee Chong Wei, you did something Lin Dan can't do, bringing a nation together. Your silver is more precious than his gold. #LCW4GOLD

My hero LCW

Can I just hug him? :')
KenJuu Back-to-Back
Because I miss writing.

Table Number 18
01. all or nothing 02. a trickle of blood
03. a lifetime in this breath 04. a funny thing happened
05. Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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22nd-Mar-2012 05:59 am - LOL >_> [a game of thrones, books, f-list]
This is the third time you've wiped me off the face of your f-list.

It's seriously getting old; make up your mind! You'd do well to be mature about it too. A simple PM explaining what I did wrong would suffice. All I remember doing is saying something against your opinion and bam, I'm kicked out.

In other news, I had a dream about Bronn last night. Bronn of the motherfucking Blackwater.

And I'm finally done with A Dance with Dragons. Onward to Aleph!
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